Cool websites for kids


This is a brilliant site.

Under the Explore tab there are things to make and do, hands on activities, online exhibits, articles, videos and more about:

  • Astronomy and space –your weight on other worlds, your age on other worlds, build a solar system
  • Everyday Science – making a sun clock, salt volcano
  • Earth – climate change, Antarctica, Greenhouse gases
  • Human Body
  • Culture
  • Living things
  • And More


The Teen Writers’ Club is an online writers club offering many fun opportunities for writers aged ten to eighteen., such as Publishing Services, A Writers’ Community, games and much more.

To have fun, meet new friends like you, and have a chance to become  a published author, why not visit the Teen Writers’ Club.

Ink Room

Do you love writing? Would you like to see your stories published?

If the answer is yes then you need to join the InkRoom – an exciting writing club for children 6 to 15 years of age.

This website is attached to the Wacky…but true magazine.


How would you like to become a great investigator-of history.

Professor Carlotta Facts challenges you to solve the History Mystery. If you figure out the mystery in fewer clues, you can earn a higher title as an investigator.

Lots of American history but also World history including Vikings, Explorers, Ancient Egypt and World War 2.